Revive and promote the history of Polynesian boats, proa, kalia, canoes and seafaring heritage

. Reconstruct and maintain the Millennium Kalia – working closely with the Tonga National Kalia Trust and the Tonga Visitor Bureau.

Conduct a Speed Trial Project in Tonga aiming at breaking the world speed record by using a hi-tech Polynesian type proa with modern sails. This project is named “Flying Sails and the King of Tonga”

Educate children and youth of Polynesian island countries in their seafaring history and heritage

Promote and conduct training and research in areas relevant to kalia constructions, seafaring and history

Set up a library in Tonga on Polynesian kalia and seafaring history with research, documentations, books, video, audio, maps, and other relevant media.

Conduct local, regional and international forums, as well as participating in the same on the Polynesian seafaring history and heritage

Promote networking, sharing and exchange of information, and training on the Polynesian seafaring heritage though organizations, individuals, media and information technology.

Work closely with relevant Polynesian Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in promoting the kalia heritage and seafaring history of the Polynesian people.. Work closely with all organizations within Polynesia and around the world that have the same objectives of promoting the seafaring heritage of the Polynesian people.

Conduct fund raising and charity activities to assist the work of the Foundation as well as other affiliated bodies that promote the same objectives as stated above.

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